Vedic Pathways


Each Vedic pathway is based upon supported, holistic, spiritual mentoring utilising a tangible practice based approach. Over 5 weeks Anne will guide you 1:1 or in a small group through a deep evolutionary container delving into Yoga-Vedantic knowledge & wisdom while providing you with powerful daily practices to ensure your learning & evolution is fully embodied.

The Intuitive Flow group pathway is for those seeking the shared experience of re-enlivening their innate intuitive power while establishing themselves in a state of ease, flow and grace. Cultivating power & purpose from a state of grounded embodiment. 

While The Transcendent Pathway is for those looking to sink deep into into a personalised 1:1 approach rooted in wisdom and integrated Vedic practices. This pathway & its practices will be tailored to whatever desire, intention or needs are arising for you at the time. 

If you are unsure which Pathway is the best fit for you you, apply below and register for a connection call with Anne where she will guide you through the most suitable Pathway for you. 

Applications are now open, pathways commencing November 22nd.


Intuitive Flow - Group Pathway

A 5 week group journey of Yoga-Vedantic practices & wisdom to re-awaken your powerful intuitive nature & support the cultivation of ease, flow & grace.


  •  5 x 90min weekly group calls including group sadhana practice, Vedic wisdom & Q&A
  •  Initiation into your intuition building daily Sadhana (Kriya Yoga & Breathwork practice)
  •  Opening & closing Puja (Vedic Ceremony)
  •  WhatsApp group & ongoing support
  •  21 day Sadhana accountability calendar
  •  3 months FREE membership to Prana Apana Breathwork School


Intuitive Flow is a small group experience curated for those desiring to re-establish and refine their intuition while cultivating an embodied state of ease, flow & divine grace.

The Transcendent Pathway - 1:1

A personalised 5 week journey of Yoga-Vedantic practices & wisdom to transcend your limits and guide you back home, deep into Being.


  •  5 x 90min weekly 1:1 calls
  •  Clear pathway intention setting
  •  Initiation into your personal sadhana (daily Kriya Yoga & Breathwork practice)
  •  Opening & closing Puja (Vedic Ceremony)
  •  WhatsApp ongoing support
  •  21 day Sadhana accountability calendar
  •  6 months FREE membership to Prana Apana Breathwork School


The Transcendent Pathway is open flow format and designed to be tailored to your individual desires, needs & point of growth.

Nivar Tatvam; transcend where you are

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"The Heart Open pathway was a profoundly nourishing, and opening experience for me during what is such a heavy time in the world. Anne's teachings coupled with the practices are something I will hold close always."

- Sophie, Central Coast AUS

"I have been meditating for a long time, but working with Anne 1:1 has enriched my practice and life in so many ways - I din't realise my experience of life could become even more bright, alive & joyous."

- Jim, Ballina AUS

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