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+  What’s the best place to begin working with House of Being?

The easiest way to get a taste for House of Being offerings is to subscribe to Prana Apana, our online Breathwork school (subscribe here) a wonderful introduction. If you are serious about committing to your evolution learning Vedic Meditation the ultimate foundation for growth, and for those looking for rapid transformation you can work directly with our founder Anne via the Vedic Pathway.


 +  Do I need to be a Vedic Meditator to utilise the House of Being offerings?

No, not at all! Vedic Meditation is always recommended as a wonderful foundational practice. However if you haven’t yet learnt, it’s not a worry at all. All House of Being offerings are designed to be explored my meditators and non-meditators alike.


+ I’m looking for 1:1 personal support, is this available.

Yes, if you are new to House of Being you can choose to work directly with Anne 1:1 via the  Vedic Pathway. If you are an existing client or a Vedic Meditator you can book 1:1 mentoring sessions here.





+ I have a busy mind; I can’t stop thinking. Will I be able to meditate?

Yes, absolutely! The Vedic technique works with the natural rhythms of the mind, so we actually welcome thoughts during our practice. This function will be explained in detail during the course. But the rule of thumb is, if you can think, you can meditate!


+ I’m too busy to meditate, how can I make it work?

For optimal results Vedic Meditation requires 20 minutes, twice per day. This may seem daunting for some, but it’s actually less than 2% of your day, which is very achievable! During the course we will workshop exactly when it will be best to fit meditation into YOUR schedule, and make sure you walk away confident at prioritising your meditation practice. Plus as meditators, we become much more efficient, which actually creates us a lot of extra time in our day!


+ I’m too stressed to meditate

Saying you’re too stressed to meditate, is kind of like saying you’re too hungry to eat. The first thing that will happen when you learn to meditate, is that stress will gently begin to be released from your system – once this the surface layer of stress is dealt with, then the rest of the benefits will follow! Meditation is the BEST antidote to stress.


+ Do I have to sit with my legs crossed & stay still?

Not at all! This is meditation for the modern human, so we make it as comfortable as possible. You can meditate anywhere you can easily sit upright. And if you become uncomfortable, get pins and needles, or have an itch during your practice, no problem! Simply adjust yourself as you need to.


+ Is it possible I could be too old for meditation?

Not at all. Meditation can be learnt and will deliver incredible benefits at any age!


+ I’m not able to make the course face to face, can I learn online?

Vedic Meditation comes from a traditional Indian lineage which is over 5000 years old. To keep the teachings of the highest integrity and offer the most authentic & reverent experience possible for the student, VM is only taught face to face.  


+ Do I have to learn over the 4 day course, can I learn in one longer session?

VM is always taught over 4 sessions, on 4 consecutive days. This is so that you can learn the meditation technique then go home and have time to practice it on your own, in your own environment. You will then come back each day having had that experience and we can talk through and navigate any challenges that might have shown up for you. It also gives you time to refine your practice each day with tuition and time to spend learning more about the mechanics of the practice and some deeper Vedic wisdom as well.


+ I’m not spiritual at all, I’m not sure if Vedic Meditation is for me?

There is no need to be spiritual at all to practice this technique. People from all cultures and backgrounds come to Vedic Meditation because it is such a simple, effective practice that is applicable to all modern humans.   


+ I suffer from anxiety & depression; will Vedic Meditation help me?

Yes, absolutely. This technique offers relief for many people suffering from a variety of mental health issues. A build-up of stress and conditioning in the nervous system can often be the root cause of these experiences and Vedic Meditation will gently work to remove this built-up stress, offering gradual relief from the symptoms of anxiety and depression for most people. Every person is unique, and the benefits will play out differently for each individual.


+ Is it possible to book a private 1:1 Vedic Meditation course?

Yes of course, simply contact us and we can organise.


+ Do you teach in corporate or work settings?

Yes! Vedic Meditation is highly valuable in the workplace. An important investment in your employees mental health, productivity, efficiency, creativity & adaptability. Contact us to chat about how we can bring Vedic Meditation to your workplace.


+ I’m not located in the Northern Rivers but would like to learn. Do you ever travel?

Yes, I love to travel. Course fees will be based on location, travel & accommodation costs + number of students. To keep costing efficient it can be a great idea to gather a group of friends in your local area and all learn together. Please contact us if you would like to chat about organising a VM course in your town.


+ Do you offer a discount for students or pension card holders?

Yes, the course fee is discounted to $770 for pensioners and full-time students. Please contact us directly with a copy of your concession card or proof of enrolment to book at this rate.


+ Why would I learn Vedic Meditation vs using an app or YouTube?

Over the 4 session course you will become fully self-sufficient in your own powerful daily meditation practice which you will then have, for life! There will be no need to rely on external support such as apps, or recordings. You won’t even need me as a teacher any longer if you don’t wish, although I am always here for those of you who want to evolve and learn further. Plus the VM technique itself is highly superior to anything you will find recorded on the internet or via an app.


+ Do you offering ongoing support if I need it?

Yes, ongoing support is a huge part of the House of Being offering. As part of your Vedic Meditation course you will receive weekly follow up emails for 12 months, an invitation to join our free weekly group meditations (in person or via Zoom), membership to the House of Being Facebook community, plus you also have the option to re-sit the course anytime for free should you need a refresher. You will also be able to resit the course, or join group meditations of any affiliated VM teacher worldwide. There is a huge global community of VM meditators who are always open to welcoming new friends. You may also choose to expand your learning further and join our breath-work subscription or work with Anne via one of the Vedic Pathways.





+ What are the benefits of breathwork?

The benefits of breathwork are broad and vary person to person, here are some of the more common experiences;

  • Reduction in stress & anxiety
  • Increased clarity & concentration
  • Increased energy & productivity
  • Increased creativity & innovation
  • Greater feelings of calm, peace & joy
  • Increased motivation, commitment, staying power & inspiration


+ Are the classes live or can I work through them in my own time?

All classes are recorded and stored in the Prana Apana library for you to access in your own time, use them as often or as little as you like. 5 new classes will be added each week!


+ I’m stressed and looking for something to help ease the feelings of anxiety and constant racing thoughts. Will breathwork help?

Yes, breathwork is a wonderful way to release stress & pacify an overstimulated nervous system. It would be especially beneficial to explore the Nervous System Support and Restorative classes.


+ Can I cancel the subscription at any time?

Yes, you can sign up with the first week free to trial the classes, then you will move to a weekly subscription which you may cancel anytime.


+ Do you offer breathwork classes for corporate, events or retreats?

Yes! Breathwork is highly valuable in the workplace and is a fantastic offering to include at events and retreats. House of Being offers breathwork workshops and courses online and in person to suit your individual needs. Contact us to chat about how we can bring breathwork to your workplace or event.



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