Vedic Living Retreat

Nov 3-6th, Byron Bay Hinterland


Spanning 4 days & 3 nights, this immersive experience is for those who wish to learn more about living in line with nature & utilising the practices, wisdom & techniques of the Yoga-Vedantic traditions to bring about a harmonious, joyful, high frequency life. 

Often in the West the teachings of the Veda are reduced down and can become one pointed, only focusing on a single aspect of the self (for example yoga asana primarily focusing on the physical body). True Yoga-Vedanta is an integrated science and for it to offer us the greatest benefit, we must learn to understand and implement it at all levels. The Vedic Living Retreat is inspired by this integrated approach and will encompass multiple aspects of the teachings to support evolution throughout your entire being. 

This retreat is for those who have a genuine interest in living a life inspired by the teachings of the Veda, and certainly for those who aren't afraid of a bit of self growth!


On retreat we'll explore...

  •  Meditation: A daily transcending meditation practice is the foundation of a truly effective Vedic lifestyle, as such it will be assumed if you are joining us on retreat this is something you have already established in your life. If you are yet to establish a daily meditation practice and are still feeling called towards this retreat, please reach out and I can organise to teach you either in person or online prior to the retreat. *It's important we are all practicing meditation in a similar way so accepted meditation styles will include Vedic, 1 Giant Mind, Transcendental, Sattva & Being. If you are unsure if your practice suits, please reach out. 


  •  Himalayan Breathwork & Kriya Yoga: Each day of the retreat will include a deep exploration into the practices of breathwork & kriya yoga, both of which have the ability to rapidly shift your entire life experience. We will also explore the wisdom behind why these energetic practices are so potent and so important when approaching our growth in a holistic manner.  


  •  Yoga asana: Of course it wouldn't be a Yoga-Vedantic retreat without some asana, or what we commonly call 'yoga' in the West. Each afternoon we'll sink into a deeply restorative & restful practice offering softening in physical body, and soothing of the nervous system. Preparing you for those blissful afternoon meditations. 


  •  Ceremony, ritual & mantra: Across the 4 days we'll explore some of the different rituals & ceremonies which can be performed to connect to the divine, align with the rhythms of nature & increase your vibration. We'll explore several styles of ceremony including a workshop on how to perform Agni Hotra (fire ceremony for aligning with the suns rhythms & cleansing the environment around you). A beautiful daily ritual you will then be confident to practice at home. 


  •  Ayurveda: Ayurveda is the science of life and comprises of many aspects aimed at optimising health & preventing disease. During the retreat we'll focus on lifestyle practices/daily routine & just how much of an impact tiny routine shifts can make! We'll also explore the dosha types (fundamental body types) and how to balance them for optimal health. And of course we'll explore Ayurveda through food! All meals on retreat will be cooked according to Ayurvedic principles so will offer you first hand experience of how incredible it feels to eat in a balanced, nourishing way according to the seasons. 


  •  Jyotish (Vedic Astrology): On past retreats the conversation has alway lead to Vedic Astrology & I find guests craving to explore this more personally & have their natal chart read. So I have organised my dear friend and skilled Jyotishi, Dalia Gencher to join us on this retreat to offer each of you your own personal reading. Dalia will also prescribe you with a take home practice to address any aspects of your life which may need a little extra attention. 


  •  Knowledge & wisdom: Each day we'll gather to sit, share tea and dive deep into the intellectual aspect of the Veda. I will guide these talks with plenty of space for Q&A and open discussion. Dalia will also join us one evening to explore the wisdom & history of Jyotish, offering you a little more understanding of what you receive during your personal reading with her. These wisdom sessions will offer you an array of knowledge & perspective for navigating life in the most easeful way possible. 


The Venue

The location for this special experience will be the magical Sattva Sanctuary, nestled in the hills of Burringbar, 25 mins drive North of Byron. Sattva is a purpose built eco retreat space, offering simple cabin style accomodation or you are welcome to bring your own tent or van if camping is more your style. Nestled amongst the mango orchard is the beautiful, bright airy yoga shala where we will spend most of our time. Adjacent to the cabins is a natural plunge pool for midday dips between practice. The simple communal area extends out onto the grass for lounging in the sun between sessions and perching by the fire pit at night. The shared ammenities are simple & eco friendly. The energy of the land here is something very special, healing takes place simply being here. 


The Food

This year we are blessed to welcome Cade McConnell as our dear cook for the duration of the retreat. Cade's approach to food is one of love & reverence. Drawing inspiration from the flavours of South India & Sri Lanka all of Cade's food is plant based and every menu designed around local, organic seasonal produce. Cade will cook utilising Ayurvedic principles, so we can really explore what it means to integrate Ayurveda into diet. Cade's food is much more than simple nutrition. It's a gift, a prayer, an offering to the divine. 


Your Facilitators...

Dalia Gencher - Jyotishi (Vedic astrologer)


Dalia is pure sunshine, and with that comes her ability to see life through a crystal clear lense. Dalia is a master Sattva Yoga teacher & Vedic astrologer, trained in the integrated science of Yoga-Vedanta where her gifts lie in understanding the play of the cosmos and it's influence on our daily lives. During the retreat you will spend time 1:1 with Dalia and receive a Vedic Astrology reading which will offer you greater clarity on the themes & trajectory of your life experience. Dalia will also prescribe you with a take home practice to strengthen any areas of life which may require support. 

Chris Oakes - Kirtan musician 


Chris is talented musician and Bhakti (devotional) Yogi. On retreat Chis will join us by the evening fire as we explore the practice of Bhakti Yoga via devotional mantra chanting, or Kirtan. Chris is one of the most divine masculine souls you will ever meet. His music communicates directly with the heart and lulls you into a state of transcendental bliss. 

Cade McConnell - Plant based cook


Cade is a poet & plant based cook hailing for the Bunjalung region. Cade's deep love and reverence for produce, flavour and simple, grounded methods of cooking can be felt as equally as they can be tasted. Cade creates an entire sensory experience, with every detail, flavour & colour considered. If you haven't yet experienced Cade's light filled presence and his gift of food, you're in for a real treat. 

Stelios Mousaferiadis - Yin yoga & 1 Giant Mind teacher 


Stelios is a teacher of meditation, yin & traditional Tantric Hatha yoga. He is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom when it comes to practices of the Veda. On retreat he will be joining us to guide our evening asana practice, really focusing on deep nervous system support and release. Stelios is an absolute joy and we are blessed he will be sharing his love of yoga with us.

Anne Durham - Vedic meditation initiator & Sattva Yoga teacher


Anne will be your host for the retreat as she shares with you her in-depth knowledge of the integrated approach to the Vedic teachings. Anne will guide you through daily meditation, breathwork & kriya yoga practices. As well as hosting evening wisdom talks, and sharing ceremony & ritual practices with you.



Sattva Sanctuary is located in the small town of Burringbar, 25 minutes North of Byron Bay, 40 minutes North of Ballina Airport or 35 minutes South of the Gold Coast airport. Ubers and taxis are readily available from both airports. 

The retreat will commence at 2pm on Thursday 3rd, and finish up around midday on Sunday the 6th. 

If you are choosing to camp you will have access to all amenites and communal areas which have power for charging phones etc. 

This is an intensive style retreat and majority of our days will be spent in practice. There will of course be allocated free time as well but it is important to understand this is not a luxury retreat for lazing by the pool. This retreat is designed for deep nervous system support and personal evolution. 

It is reccomended while on a retreat of this style to disconnect from daily life as much as possible. So we do ask that phones are switched off for the duration of the retreat and you have space to step away from work and family commitments for this time. 

The retreat will focus on purifying both body and nervous system, as such, no alcohol or smoking is permitted on retreat. 




Single (twin share cabin) 

Early bird: $1900 (paid in full prior to Sept 19th)

Full price: $2200 (paid in full prior to Oct 20th)


Private Cabin (King)

Early bird: $2300 (paid in full prior to Sept 19th)

Full price: $2600 (paid in full prior to Oct 20th)


Camping (BYO van or tent)

Early bird: $1600 (paid in full prior to Sept 19th)

Full price: $1800 (paid in full prior to Oct 20th)


Early bird rates are now available. Payment must be paid in full prior to Sept 19th to receive the discounted rate. 

All bookings require a non refundable $500 deposit (only refundable in circumstances beyond your control).

Cancelations made after Sept 22nd will be charged in full. 

Payment plans are available, please reach out if you require assistance. 

Sattva Sanctuary is an intimate retreat space which means spaces are limited, this retreat will sell out so please book promptly to avoid missing out. This will be my only retreat for 2022.

Please also note it is a prerequisite for this retreat that you are confident in your own transcending meditation technique. Accepted practices include Vedic, TM, Sattva, 1 Giant Mind & Being Meditation. If you do not yet have transcending meditation practice and are still feeling called to this retreat, please reach out and we can organise to teach you (in person or online) prior to the retreat. 

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