August 18 - 21st


Housed in a beautiful new purpose built meditation space at the Shemana headquarters in Mullumbimby, dive deep into Vedic Meditation over this evening/weekend course designed to fit in after hours. 

Thursday 18 - private 1:1 (60 min, by appointment)

Friday 19 - 6 -7:30pm  (small group)

Saturday 20 - 9 -10:30am  (small group)

Sunday 21 - 9 -10:30am  (small group)

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Vedic Meditation


Vedic Meditation is a simple, effortless technique that anyone can learn. The technique itself dates back 5000+ years but despite its age Vedic Meditation is far and away the most effective meditation technique for busy, stressed, modern minds. And the easiest to learn!


The technique itself requires almost no effort from you. A comfy seat, eyes closed and you’re ready to meditate.



How the VM technique works

Vedic Meditation uses a mantra (a short Sanskrit sound) that’s uttered silently inside the mind in a specific manner. This effortless repition of the mantra naturally lulls the mind beyond thought to a place of deep rest, allowing layers of deep rooted stress, fatigue & conditioning to efficiently be released.


The benefits

The benefits of Vedic Meditation are undeniable, all you need to do is chat to a meditator find out how it’s created a positive shift on every aspect of their life. Benefits to ones physiology & life experience are vast and varied dependent on the person but some of the more common shifts include…


  • Improved sleep (the body now has less stress release to achieve overnight)
  • Increased energy levels (Vedic meditation provides rest 3-4 times deeper than sleep)
  • Relief from stress-related health disorders - anxiety, depression, fatigue, digestive, reproductive and immune conditions
  • Increased mental clarity, intelligence, memory, and creativity
  • Increased resilience and adaptability
  • Increased sense of calm, peace & presence
  • Reduced emotional reactivity, greater ability to respond from a place of calm
  • Faster recovery from illness and injury
  • Increased sense of fulfilment and contentment
  • Increased levels of spontaneous happiness and joy
  • Improved relationships & connection


Course structure

The course is delivered in a face to face setting over 4 sessions, on 4 consecutive days.

Day 1: 

  • Receive your personalised mantra.
  • Be guided into your first Vedic Meditation.
  • Receive instructions & guidance for your home practice so you feel totally confident to meditate solo.

Day 2:

  • Meditate together, refine your technique & discuss experiences.
  • Explore the benefits of Vedic meditation & how each benefit will vastly improve your life experience.
  • Learn where to fit meditation into daily life so it becomes as normal as brushing your teeth!
  • Tips for how to stick to & get the most out of your practice.

Day 3:  

  • Meditate together, refine your technique & discuss experiences.
  • Explore the mind body connection.
  • Learn about the effects of stress & how Vedic meditation will reduce stress & its associated effects.

Day 4:

  • Meditate together & further refine your practice - making sure you're 200% confident to now meditate at home solo. 
  • An introduction into advanced Vedic wisdom covering topics such as;
    • Decision making & engaging with conscious change.
    • Tapping into your innate creative intelligence.
    • Identifying & strengthening your intuition.
    • Cultivating a life of greater clarity & flow.


Ongoing Support

Once you have completed the course House of Being offers you a lifetime of ongoing support. You will have access to;

  • Anne's ongoing support anytime via Whatsapp for questions regarding meditation & it's associated life experiences.
  • Group meditations which happen sporadically online and in person. A great chance to connect with community, share experiences and meditate together. 
  • The opportunity to resit the course anytime, for free with Anne or any affiliated Vedic Meditation teachers around the world.


As a Vedic meditator and member of House of Being, you will also have the opportunity to advance your practice and learning through all of our other offerings;

  • Advanced knowledge courses
  • Live workshops & retreats
  • Advanced Yog-Vedantic techniques
  • 1:1 mentoring with Anne


Course Investment

$990 or two instalments of $495 (full payment must be made prior to course commencement unless otherwise agreed upon).

Concession & full time student $770 or two fortnightly instalments of $385

(Please contact mdirectly with a copy of your concession card or proof of full time study to book at this rate.)



Upcoming Courses

Want to find out more?

Book your free “Introduction to Vedic Meditation” call

If you would like to opportunity to speak with Anne & learn more before registering for a course, you’re invited to schedule an “Intro call”.

A free, no obligation, informal 30 min chat covering;

  • The benefits of regular Vedic Meditation
  • How VM differs from other meditation techniques
  • The mechanics of stress & stress release
  • What you can expect from the 4 session course
  • Ask any questions you may have


Book Intro Call

"I attended the Vedic Meditation course and it has changed my life. My life before the course had been stressful and I lived with grief for over 45 years. Since completing the course and meditating morning and night I have found my mind has cleared, I see everything so much more clearly and have increased energy. My day to day life is functioning much better."

- Mary, Vedic Meditator

"I was so happy with myself for taking the time out for myself & learning Vedic Meditation. Anne was so beautiful, knowledgeable & I felt very calm practicing with her. I highly recommend VM & with Anne as a mentor"

- Nyree, Vedic Meditator

"Anne presents a beautiful space to learn and explore the profoundly life changing technique of Vedic Meditation. Exploring the practice over four days gave me the chance to ask any questions I had from my daily self practice, and to understand the concept and the technique more deeply. Once the course has finished Anne checks in to ensure you are on track with your daily meditations, she also provides additional information for your own self development study. A really beautiful and beneficial practice for those wanting to flow with life and act from their highest self."

- Kriscelle, Vedic Meditator

1:1, corporate & private group courses


If you are interested in scheduling a 1:1 course, organising Vedic Meditation for your workplace or have a group of friends or family who would like to learn together as a group, please contact me. 

Investment will vary dependent on location & number of participants.

Courses are available at my home studio in Byron Bay or I can travel to you. I cover the wider Northern Rivers, Tweed, Gold Coast, Brisbane & Mid North Coast regions. I also travel to Sydney and India frequently. 


Got questions?

Feel free to reach out with any enquiries you have regarding courses, Vedic Meditation or to see if this technique is right for you. Or if you would like to discuss organising a private or corporate course. 

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