Veda; To know. Knowledge; wisdom.


House of Being, welcoming you home to the wisdom of the Veda.

The Vedas are an ancient body of knowledge dating back well beyond 5000 years, with their geographical roots in India, but the true roots of this universal wisdom in the infinite. The Veda applies to us all.

The Vedas comprise of an entire science of being and art of living. Here at House of Being we focus on an integrated approach, engaging multiple Yoga-Vedantic methods to enrich your life experience in more ways than you can imagine. 


  • Vedic Meditation - A simple effortless technique which drastically reduces stress & expands your awareness, making it the stable foundation for all other House of Being offerings.
  • Breathwork & Kriya Yoga – Practices which have profound positive effects on the neurochemistry of the brain, energetic & physical bodies.
  • Wisdom & Support – Working on the level of the mind creates lasting change when coupled with the more subtle practices of breathwork & meditation,
  • Ayurveda - The science of life, a holistic approach to living in harmony with the natural rhythms of nature for optimal health. 
  • Community Sangha or community is one of the main pillars of the Vedic way and a key component to any spiritual development.


The sole purpose of our existence in this universe is to evolve. House of Being is here to offer you the tools and support to do just that. To live a creative life of growth & evolution, where stress is limited, and joy and abundance are the primary experience of life.



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Notes from students;


"Anne is a wonderful teacher – wise, connected, and engaging. Meditation can feel a little esoteric at times – Anne's approach is grounded in tradition, while still being accessible and relevant to now. She has taught me how to live more comfortably in my body – a profound act of kindness in a world that asks us to be anywhere but the here, and now."

- Emily, Vedic Meditator

"This course has felt like a game changer for me, something that I will be able to come back to at any moment of my day for the rest of my life. To be able to make meditation so accessible, practical and doable is such a blessing for me. Thank you so much Anne"

- Maja, Vedic Meditator

"This course has made me feel like peace in my mind is never too far away. I consider it like my secret weapon.. It's only been a week but I have already noticed significant changes in my mentality - from easing anxiety, increasing positivity, feeling like I have enough space in my mind for the things and people I love and clarity. I've also noticed a huge difference with how healthy my body feels to live in. this has been a life saver - especially while being pregnant."

- Montana, Vedic Meditator

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