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Stressed, anxious, tired?

Breath-work is your new secret weapon. As little as 10 minutes of breath practice will elevate your mood, increase your energy & soothe a frazzled nervous system. So you can go about your day happy, energetic & stress free!

The Prana Apana membership hosts a variety of breathwork classes, for all levels of experience. Ranging from 10-30mins in length and offering a range practices to suit all needs - energising, restorative, deep sleep, nervous system support & cultivating joy are just a few of the categories you'll find inside the Prana Apana portal. 

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What our members say

"Breathwork has been a total game changer! Before using Prana Apana I was always tired, very stressed & experienced anxiety often. I am now much more energetic, much less stressed and my anxiety is fleeting. 

- David, Vancouver CA

"Thanks to Anne’s teachings, breathwork has become an integral part of my morning practice. I feel lighter, clearer, more at ease and full of joy and compassion and am much more present throughout the day."

- Hope, Brisbane AUS

"This breathwork practice is a beautiful opportunity for me to connect in with my body at the start of each day and after a few weeks of practising I feel lighter and more alive."

- Cailin, Melbourne AUS

Say goodbye to stress, overwhelm & fatigue and hello to energy, inspiration & joy! 

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