Think your mind is too busy to meditate?

Oct 03, 2021

Many of us hold the idea that to be good at mediation we must be able to clear our minds from the constant onslaught of thought. However, Vedic Meditation is not about being free from thought, or about sitting in absolute peace. While these can be nice byproducts of the practice at times, they are not the end goal.

The end goal of Vedic Meditation is human evolution. To move beyond the limitations that make life hard and gritty. To transcend stress, to let go of worry and concern, to enliven health on all levels, to experience true happiness, bliss and ease. Because really, what more could you want from life? 

Many people report  “I can’t meditate, my mind is too busy”. My reply to them is simple, “If you can think, you can meditate”.

Vedic Meditation is a simple technique that works with the natural rhythms of the mind, so there is no control of anything and no need to “stop thinking”. Thoughts are welcome during this practice, and are positive sign that your meditation is doing it’s job perfectly!

So actually Vedic meditation is the perfect practice for busy minds. Which means you too can go beyond the stress, beyond the limitations of yourself and experience a life of utter flow & ease.

We meditate to get better at life, not to become better at meditation. 

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