The art of surrender

Oct 07, 2021

Not a day goes by life doesn't throw us some sort of challenge, be it tiny or monumental. So how do we go about interacting with this seemingly forced circumstances to allow the transition to remain as smooth as possible. Nature has its way of putting us where we need to be whether we like it or not. So when faced with change, we can go one of two ways. We can go up against it, which often causes friction, stress, pain and anxiety - we're opposing the natural flow of life. Or we can surrender to to the outcome that needs to occur and simply ride the wave of change. Sometimes it's the simple fact that we desperately want to hold on to what we had, but this isn't evolutionary - so we must practice letting go, surrender of the old, in order to allow the new to come to fruition. Surrender is so powerful in the most graceful, subtle, flowing away. 

The beauty of learning to surrender as a Vedic meditator is that you're already doing it. Each time you sit down to meditate, you are engaging with surrender on the subtlest level. Surrender to the power of the mind, surrender to your innate creative intelligence, surrender to the process itself - the continual art of "letting go" in meditation is surrender to each of those little stresses constantly leaving your system. And remember, everything we practice in meditation, is amplified in the eyes open state. Living a life of surrender, is living a life of ease, without friction, without force and with the ultimate devotion to evolution and a higher grade life. Who wouldn't want more of that?

Vedic Meditation is in fact classified as an "effortless letting go technique", the definition of surrender.

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