$450.00 AUD

Breath Prescription

Breath is one of the most potent medicines you have access to, and it's ever present, always available to you. Breath is the gateway to prana (life force energy) when you master the access & use of this energy you will master your state and gain the ability to alter your experience of life at the energetic & biochemical level.

Breath alters your energy, your frequency, your biochemistry, your emotions, your mind, your subconscious, your nervous system & your physical body. 

Your breath is POTENT.

Your breath is MEDICINE. 


Breath can be prescribed for so many reason, some of the more common ones I receive are listen below, but anything you are experiencing can be addressed;

  • nervous system support
  • stress release & anxiety support
  • cultivating energy
  • softening the heart/overcoming heartbreak
  • letting go/breaking bondages
  • strengthening intuition
  • releasing emotion & trauma
  • cultivating power, confidence or direction
  • stimulating & improving digestion
  • stimulating lymph & blood flow
  • improving energy, clarity & creativity
  • mental health experiences such an addiction depression, ADHD


Are you….

  • Seeking to advance your daily practice but not sure best route or techniques
  • Looking to establish a daily practice or explore breathwork
  • Craving personal support but not yet ready for a large investment or long mentorship
  • Feeling the need to shift your current state


What's included;

  • Personalised breathwork practice prescribed to address your individual needs or desires (supplied by video file for you to reference daily)
  • The practice will be tailored to your level of experience & desired duration.
  • 21 Days Whatsapp support (your practice will be designed to be used daily for 21 days in a row for optimal benefit, hence 21 days of support. Of course you can utilise it for longer should you wish.)


*Once I have received your payment I will be in touch via email with a form to collect all the relevent information I need, so I can prescribe the most suitable and beneficial practice for you.

We will also determine an appropriate commencement date for your practice & WhatsApp support. 

If you require a weekly payment plan for this offer please send me an email and we can organise